The Concept

We are a simple-driven company with a passion at tailor made. Every apparel we made is our idea of making bespoke simple yet affordable without comprising quality.

“To make tailor made affordable for many people” is our vision. Our business idea is to offer different range of fabrics at different prices that suit everyone based on their personal needs.

We work hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers through reasonable fabric and manufacturing sourcing, as well as giving up traditional lavish retail shop concept.

On top of that, we provide online shopping feature for registered customer to purchase apparel online at more affordable price with their very own individual measurement from us without leaving your doorstep.

Three Ways To Buy


1. Make Appointment

(visit us and leave the rest to us)


1. Select Your Product
2. Make Appointment

(visit us and we will advise you further)


1. Select Your Product
2. Personalise Your Style
3. Checkout

(wait for your shipment)